Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cell Phone Pouches for Friends

Merry Christmas! You had a busy Christmas? Me had a quiet Christmas in Hong Kong. Just dine out with friends on 23rd, stayed at home on 24th, went out with husband on 25th and will have a little party with  other friends tonight, 26th. 

My friend will cook and we will just go there to eat hahaha!! I made 3 cell phone pouches for them. Actually i should make four. But you know, it is really boring to make the same thing at one time. As one of my friends works in the same company with me, i'll make her pouch later.

Which one do you like?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Sewing Book

Inspired by Amy's needlebook, I made a sewing book for myself. I modified her design a bit by adding pockets so that I can put some other little things inside.

This green floral fabric is Lecien's old new fabric collection 30's, my favourite recently. I just have a little piece left so I struggled for a while to cut it. I got the bunny button from Seoul, it's so lovely and match so well with the fabric here ^^.

I put a small scissors inside this pocket. Guess I can put some thread in it as well when I go travelling.

I was lazy so I just sew some ribbons on it to make little pockets.

This is the back of my sewing book. I followed Amy's design to make little patchwork. Although this is just a small piece of patchwork, it's quite time consuming to cut the squares and sew them together.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Bib for a Friend's Son

Made a baby bib for a friend's son. Recently quite addicted to embroidery. Thinking to make another baby bib with patchwork and stitching on it. ^^

I've just stocked in some Lecien 1930 Old New Fabric Collection. Two most popular colours this time. Check out my etsy shop if you are interested.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Leather Sticker

I didn't do any sewing for more than a week because I was busy watching a historical drama about Ching Dynasty. It's all about love and power, portraying princes fighting for a woman as well as fighting for the crown. One of the actors was my idol during my early teens. He is now 41 year-old but I still couldn't take my eyes off him ^^. I have just started to watch the drama the 2nd time.

Although no sewing has been done, I still have some news about sewing. I've just received some leather stickers from Korea. I knew I have to get them the first time I saw these leather stickers. They are adorable! You can stick them or sew them on any of your sewing project. They are good for scrapbooking too. If you want to have them, take a look at my etsy shop.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Bib for My Husband's New Born Cousin

My husband has a new cousin! Apart from a baby bib, I don't know what can I make him. This is the first time I make a baby bib. I used a pattern from a Japanese magazine and embroidered a bear and his cousin's surname on it. Surname only as I don't know his name yet.

Actually I wanted to use more fabric to do some patchwork on it but I do not have many fabric suitable for boy.I even used a lace on it. My husband said I shouldn't put a lace on a gift for boy. XP 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My First Giveaway - Tea Cup Coaster

This coaster is inspired by the work of Laurraine of Patchwork Pottery. It is approximately 12.5cm wide.  I was lazy so I just used a woven ribbon to make the handle of the tea cup XD. I think this is still good. What do you think?

If you would like to have this coaster and if you really like my other projects, please "like" my facebook page (you can find the link on the right column of my blog), follow my blog and leave a comment. This giveaway is open until Wednesday 5:30pm Hong Kong time. ^^

Monday, October 31, 2011

Draw String Bag with Hexagon Patchwork

Hexagon again! They are really easy to make!!! I used pink and green fabric to make this draw string bag, which will be one of the gifts for my friend's birthday. The other gift is a tote bag. This draw string bag measures 15cm x 15cm, I guess it can be used to keep cosmetics...or napkins. 

I just bought 1 yard sew cherry green dots from the fat quarter shop. It's on sale! I really love it. Green is always my favourite.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tote Bag for a Friend's Birthday

This is a gift for a friend's birthday. It's around 31cm x 30cm, can be a lunch tote (keeping wallet, tissue paper and cell phone when go out for lunch) or a document tote. 



I like those pink flower buttons. They are gorgeous~

I learnt the cross pattern from a Japanese magazine. My favourite pattern recently ^^.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

WIP - Little Tote Bag for a Friend

This is my favourite pattern recently. Thinking to make a little tote bag for a friend...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Organizer Basket and Coin Bag

Finally I made a organizer basket for some of my messy cutleries. In fact I need at least 3-4 of this, but I just had the mood to make one. My cousin and his fiancĂ©e in Canada will be coming to Hong Kong in December. They will stay at my home for 3 weeks. I keep telling myself that I have to make more to organize my messy cutlery drawer before they come!!

I made one for chopsticks long ago, you can see part of it in this picture. I didn't use any batting for it so it was not very good. Will definitely make a new one for chopsticks too.

I read the following pattern from a Japanese magazine and I used the pattern to make a coin bag for myself. I don't have a coin bag for years already as I mostly use electronic money nowadays. However, I go out for lunch with colleague more often now and it is more convenient to have some coins when you pay your share. Therefore, I need a coin bag now.

This was the first time I sew a zipper bag. My skills are not good. Practice makes perfect. I'll make some more zipper bag. ^^

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cell Phone Case for my Husband

The bunny looks so contented!

My husband has been asking me and keeps reminding me to make a cell phone case for him. He thinks it is easy to make one as I only have to use the machine to sew the fabric together, and I should make things for him first instead of making for others. 

I told him as an "artist" myself, I hate repeating the same thing. I have already made a cell phone case for myself and my sister, therefore, I do not want to work on cell phone case...Even so, since he made his request, I have been thinking the design of the case. As I'm quite into making hexagons these days, I resolved to make a cell phone case with some hexagons on it. I think it turns out quite nice.

By the way, I have some spare Christmas charms. If you are looking for similar charms, you can check them out at my etsy shop. They are great for any Christmas projects. You may consider sewing them on your fabric projects, which I think it will definitely make your project looks UNIQUE and cute!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Linen Tote Bag - Wonderland Rabbit

Finally, I used the wonderland rabbit embroidery to make a tote bag. This bag has 2 sides. I embellished the rabbit with a beautiful lace and put some floral hexagons under it on the front. This is the first time I made hexagons. They are so easy to make and they really add value to the whole design.

For the back, I used different green fabrics to make 8 hexagons and sewed them in a line. Honestly I like the front more, but I think this 2-sided design makes the bag more practical! I guess it is suitable for both mommy and daughter haha!!

This bag can be wear on the shoulder but I always like to wear tote bag or hand bag this way :

I just listed this in my etsy shop. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Treasures from Seoul, Korea

Hello I'm back from Seoul! It was a relaxing yet exhausting trip. We only went to two places a day but as we had to walk all the time, it was really exhausting. We ate a lot and I'll show you some pictures later~

As planned, we went to a fabric market. Most fabrics there are for clothes but not for patchwork and home decor so I only got a green Lecien Old New Fabric Collection 30's. Apart from that, I got some really really cute trims, buttons and charms.

Let's have a closer look:

The bunny buttons are so cute~

This charm is my favourite. It's a bit expensive so I only bought 3.

 All the birdies and cages are so cute!

I may put some on my etsy shop later.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wonderland Rabbit Embroidery...and Christmas Wreath

Love at first sight! This was my feeling when I first saw this wonderland rabbit embroidery pattern on flickr. I stitched most of the pattern last night and finished it just now. What should I make? Maybe a tote bag?

and I want to show you what I made in the weekend - a Christmas wreath. It's not finished yet. I just pinned them together. Actually it did not turn out like what I envisioned and I got really disappointed about it. Now this star, birdie, candy cane, also a mushroom and a little tree, which are not shown here, are lying hopelessly in a corner of my sewing do you find this wreath? honestly it looks better here in this photo. I tried to position them in different angles but they look really terribly messy...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lecien - Old New Fabric Collection 30's

I have been searching this Lecien collection for some time. I searched America fabric shops, Japan fabric shops, etsy and when I almost gave up, I found it from an online shop in China! It only has around half yard of each and I bought all of them. When I received the package yesterday, I couldn't help smiling and keep showing them to my colleagues. 

Aren't they gorgeous? What should I make? I'm thinking tissue box case, tote bag, little pouch, and maybe a Christmas wreath!!

As I know this collection is difficult to get now, I'm putting 2 sets on my newly opened etsy shop.