Sunday, October 16, 2011

Organizer Basket and Coin Bag

Finally I made a organizer basket for some of my messy cutleries. In fact I need at least 3-4 of this, but I just had the mood to make one. My cousin and his fianc√©e in Canada will be coming to Hong Kong in December. They will stay at my home for 3 weeks. I keep telling myself that I have to make more to organize my messy cutlery drawer before they come!!

I made one for chopsticks long ago, you can see part of it in this picture. I didn't use any batting for it so it was not very good. Will definitely make a new one for chopsticks too.

I read the following pattern from a Japanese magazine and I used the pattern to make a coin bag for myself. I don't have a coin bag for years already as I mostly use electronic money nowadays. However, I go out for lunch with colleague more often now and it is more convenient to have some coins when you pay your share. Therefore, I need a coin bag now.

This was the first time I sew a zipper bag. My skills are not good. Practice makes perfect. I'll make some more zipper bag. ^^


  1. Just came across your blog. Love your items! Very neat idea for the cutlery drawer!!!! (I'm from USA.)

  2. This is already a good coin bag for a first timer. Coins are heavy and I do hope that these coin bags are strong enough to keep them. Keep your skill handy! And if in the future, you get to save a bag full of coins, head over the nearest coin counting machine and have it changed to paper bills in a bank. Or, buy your own coin counting machine for convenience.

    Harriett Faulks @Bank Mart Direct