Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shop Update: Sale of Needle Felting Wool

I am having a sale on these 3 felting wool set. They are only USD$2.5 each. You may visit my etsy shop to take a look. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Handmade Bambi Elastic Hair Tie

Happy new year everyone! To have a good start of 2014, I tried something new, which is to make craft with felt ! Felt is easy to handle and they can be used to make small stuff.

Do you find this little felt bambi elastic hair tie cute? I love the way it turns out. It is now listed in my etsy shop.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Tagged Dinosaur Toy for My Boy

Thanks for the free pattern provided by the blog Beloved-ones, I made a tagged dinosaur toy for my 7-month old boy. I used my favourite polka dots fabric (haha!) He loves it :)

Inspired by this, I am thinking to make a tagged lion toy. Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

WIP - Cross stitch of Erine of Sesame Street

I have just finished the 2nd cross stitch, Erine. My husband said it is prettier than expected. I think apart from the cute pattern, I have to give credit to the beautiful colour of the embroidery floss. The orange floss is so bright that it makes Erine looks really eye catching and lively!

I will make one more. Guess which character am I going to make? It's also one of my favourite characters.

Because of cross stitch, I started to like DMC embroidery flosses. They are beautiful. I know it may not be easy to get all the colours you need. I have been to a small needle craft shop when I was looking for flosses for this project but they do not have all the colours I need. It was quite frustrating as I wanted to start the project right after I purchased the pattern. I now have sources to get all colours of DMC flosses and have just made a listing in my shop. Go check this out from the crafty supplies section of my little etsy shop. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP - Cross stitch of The Count from Sesame Street

I don't like cross stitch in the past as I think most patterns I found are characters of the precious moments, which I think are boring XP. But recently I searched on Etsy and found that there are many many cute cross stitch patterns!!!! As requested by a colleague, I purchased the Sesame Street cross stitch patterns from cloudsfactory and am working on a project. I have just finished making the Count. It's so so so cute!!!

 I loved Sesame Street when I was in my early teens. I remembered having a Sesame Street year organizer, pencil pouch and a Bert mechanical pencil. I loved loved loved the mechanical pencil but I couldn't find it now....wish I have kept it properly...

I hope I can have more time to sew and make craft but I am a mom of a 6-month old boy now and with a full time job, it's really difficult to spare time for sewing...sometimes I really wish I am a vampire of Twilight, no need to sleep and will not grow old so that I have eternity to sew and read books. XD

Monday, November 25, 2013

Make Cross Stitch on Whatever Fabric you Like!! Water Soluble Canvas

I always wanted to make cross stitch and sew cute cross stitch patters on my handmade pouches and bags. However, it is difficult to make cross stitch on quilting fabric as there is no "square" for me to do the cross stitch. I once found a cross stitch sewing kit with waste canvas on a Japanese crafting site but I guess it took me about several months to discover the "waste canvas" term hahaha...While I was searching for the waste canvas, I found this treasure - Water Soluble Canvas!! I immediately ordered some and tried last night once I received the canvas.

It is simple and easy and fun! You just have to put the water soluble canvas on top of the fabric you like, make your cross stitches, and then put the water soluble canvas into warm water of around 40C to 50C. The water soluble canvas dissolves and you get a pretty cross stitch on the fabric.

I don't know if this water soluble canvas is new or I'm just ignorance XD. I couldn't find it on etsy so I guess this is new!!

Would you like to try this? I'm making a pre-order listing on my etsy and will order some for sale in my little shop. I also found DC90 Water Soluble Cross Stitch Canvas on Amazon, which I think is similar. You can check it out.