Friday, April 10, 2015

Suzuko Koseki fabric and New Atsuko Matsuyama 30s collection

My fabric supplier has a large collection of Suzuko Koseki fabric. Sewing is not very popular in Hong Kong. Most sewers are at least in their 40s and I found that they seems to like  Suzuko Koseki more than Atsuko Matsuyama (according to the fabric collection that my supplier supply). Many of Suzuko's fabric does not catch my eye except this one. It's gorgeous. I think it would be great to make a tote bag with it.

I also have some new Atsuko Matsuyama old new 30s collection added to my etsy shop.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Friday, December 26, 2014

Sewing machine cover and Merry Christmas

I finished the sewing machine cover some time ago. Guess I should use a solid fabric instead of floral. I like making cross stitch projects now..will make a pillow cover. Stay tuned ^^

Merry Christmas to you all around the world. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Determined Weekend

My son is staying with his grandma this weekend so I am totally free!! My to-do-list:

1. finish the sewing room cross stitch and make a cover for my sewing machine
2. make a new phone pouch for myself
3. list fabrics and some cute stickers on my etsy
4. make a tote bag
5. make some zipper pouches
6. watch some movies on HBO (can do this while cross-stitching)
7. do some reading. Recently reading the Nanny Diaries, want to have some light reading about taking care kids...haha

I am determined at this moment!! Let's see how many can I finish!!

Progress of the sewing room cross stitch. I love those patchwork quilts...gotta make some on a zipper pouch.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Omelette with pork, onion and bell peppers for toddler

As a mother, I always explore on the web for food that other mothers make for their children. I made this omelette for my son this morning and it suddenly dawn on me that I can share it here. This one is easy to make and it has many colours (means different nutrients). 

Ingredients include minced  pork (or beef), some green, red and yellow bell peppers, some onion and an egg. You just need to chop the bell peppers and onion into small pieces and stir the egg.

I stir fried the minced pork first. When the pork changed colour, I added the bell peppers and onion. 

I added the egg after the onion and bell peppers went soft. 

This is the finished omelette. This is easy to make and it is good for toddler.

My son, Christian, started learning to eat by himself. He still needs a lot of practice but I am glad that he is making improvement day by day.

Friday, October 10, 2014

New fabrics and Framed Christmas Cross Stitch

Usually I prefer fabrics of candy colours but this black floral really catch my eyes. It is from Lecien's Petit Fleur collection.

This new YUWA Patisserie features many delicious and beautiful macarons, cakes and cupcakes. I will definitely make a tote bag with this fabric.

I have framed the Christmas cross stitch. You can bring it home if you want, check out here .