Saturday, May 26, 2012

Santa is Everywhere - Christmas Embroidery/ Applique Pattern

Finally I finished my Santa is Everywhere embroidery. These patterns are my original design, you can see Santa in a reindeer, in a snowman and in a Christmas tree. I guess making these as applique will be even more pretty and eye-catching. Hope I can set my mind to make applique before Christmas XD. You know there are just too many things that I wanna do but time is soooo limited.

Recently I've got hold of a Karel Capek fabric and 4 colours of Lecien Flower Sugar fabric.  They are gorgeous!! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sneak Peek of My Christmas Embroidery

Sneak peek of my new Christmas embroidery pattern, namely "Santa is Everywhere". You will see Santa in a deer, in a christmas tree and in a snowman (not yet made). I wanted to make applique with these patterns as well.

I've been busy indulging myself in the trilogy of the Fifty Shades of Grey (hehehehe...I love Christian Grey!) so I do not have time to sew. I've just started the final book, hope I can finish it this coming weekend and can resume to sew afterwards. 

Meanwhile, I get hold of a beautiful set of Atsuko Matsuyama 30's collection strawberry fabric. I've listed some in my etsy shop.