Monday, December 30, 2013

Tagged Dinosaur Toy for My Boy

Thanks for the free pattern provided by the blog Beloved-ones, I made a tagged dinosaur toy for my 7-month old boy. I used my favourite polka dots fabric (haha!) He loves it :)

Inspired by this, I am thinking to make a tagged lion toy. Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

WIP - Cross stitch of Erine of Sesame Street

I have just finished the 2nd cross stitch, Erine. My husband said it is prettier than expected. I think apart from the cute pattern, I have to give credit to the beautiful colour of the embroidery floss. The orange floss is so bright that it makes Erine looks really eye catching and lively!

I will make one more. Guess which character am I going to make? It's also one of my favourite characters.

Because of cross stitch, I started to like DMC embroidery flosses. They are beautiful. I know it may not be easy to get all the colours you need. I have been to a small needle craft shop when I was looking for flosses for this project but they do not have all the colours I need. It was quite frustrating as I wanted to start the project right after I purchased the pattern. I now have sources to get all colours of DMC flosses and have just made a listing in my shop. Go check this out from the crafty supplies section of my little etsy shop. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP - Cross stitch of The Count from Sesame Street

I don't like cross stitch in the past as I think most patterns I found are characters of the precious moments, which I think are boring XP. But recently I searched on Etsy and found that there are many many cute cross stitch patterns!!!! As requested by a colleague, I purchased the Sesame Street cross stitch patterns from cloudsfactory and am working on a project. I have just finished making the Count. It's so so so cute!!!

 I loved Sesame Street when I was in my early teens. I remembered having a Sesame Street year organizer, pencil pouch and a Bert mechanical pencil. I loved loved loved the mechanical pencil but I couldn't find it now....wish I have kept it properly...

I hope I can have more time to sew and make craft but I am a mom of a 6-month old boy now and with a full time job, it's really difficult to spare time for sewing...sometimes I really wish I am a vampire of Twilight, no need to sleep and will not grow old so that I have eternity to sew and read books. XD