Sunday, October 26, 2014

Omelette with pork, onion and bell peppers for toddler

As a mother, I always explore on the web for food that other mothers make for their children. I made this omelette for my son this morning and it suddenly dawn on me that I can share it here. This one is easy to make and it has many colours (means different nutrients). 

Ingredients include minced  pork (or beef), some green, red and yellow bell peppers, some onion and an egg. You just need to chop the bell peppers and onion into small pieces and stir the egg.

I stir fried the minced pork first. When the pork changed colour, I added the bell peppers and onion. 

I added the egg after the onion and bell peppers went soft. 

This is the finished omelette. This is easy to make and it is good for toddler.

My son, Christian, started learning to eat by himself. He still needs a lot of practice but I am glad that he is making improvement day by day.

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