Friday, October 31, 2014

A Determined Weekend

My son is staying with his grandma this weekend so I am totally free!! My to-do-list:

1. finish the sewing room cross stitch and make a cover for my sewing machine
2. make a new phone pouch for myself
3. list fabrics and some cute stickers on my etsy
4. make a tote bag
5. make some zipper pouches
6. watch some movies on HBO (can do this while cross-stitching)
7. do some reading. Recently reading the Nanny Diaries, want to have some light reading about taking care kids...haha

I am determined at this moment!! Let's see how many can I finish!!

Progress of the sewing room cross stitch. I love those patchwork quilts...gotta make some on a zipper pouch.

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