Friday, October 7, 2011

Cell Phone Case for my Husband

The bunny looks so contented!

My husband has been asking me and keeps reminding me to make a cell phone case for him. He thinks it is easy to make one as I only have to use the machine to sew the fabric together, and I should make things for him first instead of making for others. 

I told him as an "artist" myself, I hate repeating the same thing. I have already made a cell phone case for myself and my sister, therefore, I do not want to work on cell phone case...Even so, since he made his request, I have been thinking the design of the case. As I'm quite into making hexagons these days, I resolved to make a cell phone case with some hexagons on it. I think it turns out quite nice.

By the way, I have some spare Christmas charms. If you are looking for similar charms, you can check them out at my etsy shop. They are great for any Christmas projects. You may consider sewing them on your fabric projects, which I think it will definitely make your project looks UNIQUE and cute!

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