Friday, November 25, 2011

Leather Sticker

I didn't do any sewing for more than a week because I was busy watching a historical drama about Ching Dynasty. It's all about love and power, portraying princes fighting for a woman as well as fighting for the crown. One of the actors was my idol during my early teens. He is now 41 year-old but I still couldn't take my eyes off him ^^. I have just started to watch the drama the 2nd time.

Although no sewing has been done, I still have some news about sewing. I've just received some leather stickers from Korea. I knew I have to get them the first time I saw these leather stickers. They are adorable! You can stick them or sew them on any of your sewing project. They are good for scrapbooking too. If you want to have them, take a look at my etsy shop.

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