Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lecien - Old New Fabric Collection 30's

I have been searching this Lecien collection for some time. I searched America fabric shops, Japan fabric shops, etsy and when I almost gave up, I found it from an online shop in China! It only has around half yard of each and I bought all of them. When I received the package yesterday, I couldn't help smiling and keep showing them to my colleagues. 

Aren't they gorgeous? What should I make? I'm thinking tissue box case, tote bag, little pouch, and maybe a Christmas wreath!!

As I know this collection is difficult to get now, I'm putting 2 sets on my newly opened etsy shop.


  1. This fabric is gorgeous! I especially love the pale pink and pale blue.

  2. Hi Big B, yes. i like these two colors most too!