Monday, September 12, 2011

New Bag for Our Camera

My husband and I are going to Seoul, Korea for a few days to eat and shop in late September. He has been urging me to make a  bag for our camera ever since we bought the travel packages (actually it was just last Saturday). We bought this camera, Olympus EPL1 last year and he purposely bought a cloth from Japan website to wrap our camera. However, he now found that it's not convenient to wrap and unwrap the camera all the time so he thinks it would be better to have a bag for it. As there is no official camera bag for it, he urged me to make one. 

So here it is!! 

This is by far the most complicated bag I have ever made. I have been struggling with what fabric to use as I know I am supposed to use neutral fabric but not floral or girly ones as we share this camera. However, when looking into the fabric I have, I can't help but to choose pink and polka dots. 

I am very satisfied with this project ^^. I wish I can go to Seoul sooner. I read from the travel book and  learnt that there is a market that sells fabric, trims, ribbon!!!! We will go there on the first day. I can't wait.

Originally we planned to go to Taipei of Taiwan as I wanted to go to the fabric market there. Many people from Hong Kong go there as there are lots of fabric at a good price. However, we went to Taipei for our wedding pictures 3 years ago but we haven't been to Seoul together, so we resolved to go to Seoul. Now I found that there is fabric market in Seoul, which is a bonus to me!!!

By the way, I took a picture of my pink dresden coaster and my mug. I think they look really good together. Aren't they cute? The bunny is so happy ^^


  1. Great bag- your camera looks so snug nestled in it. Have a great trip:)

  2. Thanks Dotty. I like it very much too~ Hope I can get some pretty fabric in Korea.

  3. what a lovely camera bag! how did you make the pattern, it looks very complicated!! :)

  4. camera bag looks good.. where did you get the pattern for it, or is it your own pattern?

  5. is this pattern for sale ? Very cute.