Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink Dresden Coaster for Myself

When I was a teenager, I do not particularly like pink. I studied in a Catholic girls' school and my uniform was pink!! I wore pink for 7 years and had no feeling for it, don't particularly like it nor hate it. But when I started to sew, I found that most beautiful fabrics come in red and pink and I can't stop buying them. 

This coaster will be for my mug in office. Can you see my circle? It's still not perfect!! Seems even worse than the coaster I made for my sweet colleague. I'll work hard on it!!!!!


  1. Love the fabrics- really pretty coaster. Quick tip to get a perfect circle, cut a circle the size you want from thin card, cut a quarter inch bigger circle from your fabric. Sew running stitches around the edge of the fabric circle, put the card in the centre on the wrong side and gather up the stitches. You can press the circle with an iron before removing the card- should give you a perfect circle every time!

  2. Thanks Dotty for your tip. I saw tutorial on what you said but I was too lazy to follow the steps. Let me try your tip and make a coaster again.