Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coaster for a Sweet Colleague

Inspired by Amy, I drew up my dresdens template (it's really hard to get dresdens template in Hong Kong!!!) and made this coaster for my sweet colleague. She loves yellow so I used 4 types of yellow fabric. This coaster is 13cm wide and I think it's a bit too big to be a coaster but too small to be a pot holder...T___T and my "super circle" is not that super, it's pointy T______T


  1. beautiful fabrics, handmade with love, she'll love it! very sweet! xo amy

  2. if she doesn't, let me know and i'll give you my address~!


  3. Thanks Amy and Libbyquilter, guess what? My colleague showed me how she used the coaster as mouse pad hahaha...she said this will be her cup noodles (instant noodles) place mat.

  4. Very cute ideas. Love the dresden plate. Going to order one of the templates to make one.