Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My New Attempt - Baby Bib

Since my boy was born, I always wanted to make baby bibs for him. I have envisioned many cute bibs and how to make them in my head for many times. Finally, I put my thought into action!! I drew the pattern using one of his bibs. I am quite satisfied with my project this time although my 13-month boy did not show any interest or appreciation on it, as expected. XP

I used a high quality quilted linen fabric as the back. I know most people use chenille or flannel. However, I don't know where can I get chenille or flannel in Hong Kong. Last week when I was shopping in a local fabric shop, I saw a high quality quilted linen fabric and I thought I could use it as the back of baby bibs. This quilted linen back make the bib sturdy and absorbent and I really love it! 

Although I have a boy...if you know me, I like making girly things more, so I made this hexi patchwork bib. This one is listed in my little etsy shop now.


  1. These baby bibs are very impressive! You have used the most coolest fabric in making these bibs and great job because they look fabulous. The blue one is so awesome!

    1. Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments. : )