Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Lunch Tote

My lunch tote (front).

I got this wooden pendant from the fabric market in Seoul. Can't find this in Hong Kong or Etsy.

Back of my lunch tote, inspired by Amy of nanacompany's tote bag

I used to pack lunch at work but not anymore! I think work life is already hard and I should treat myself a good meal at work everyday. Also, it's better to have fresh food than microwaving the food the night before.  I work at the headquarter of my organization and there are many different units on 10+ floors. Usually I have lunch with 5-6 girls from different units (admin, PR, publication, audit, fund-raising) and we always have fun chit-chatting and exchanging news. We love to talk about the hardship of our work, news, movie, book, TV show and love, etc. You know there are a lot to talk about among girls. ^^

When we go out for lunch, we need to bring our wallet, tissue paper, coin bag, cell phone and we really need a little bag to keep all these. I have been using a Hello Kitty tote bag I got from Japan as my lunch tote for nearly a year and always wanted to make myself a patchwork lunch tote. If you remember, I have made two lunch totes for colleagues, a tree applique and a hydrogen balloon. They bring a handmade lunch tote everyday while the maker is bringing a Hello Kitty one =.= . So finally I make myself a little tote bag this Easter. It's 25cm x 25cm and I think this is the perfect size for lunch tote.

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