Friday, January 6, 2012

My First Middle-sized Quilt

My first project for 2012 is a middle-sized quilt. I have been envisioned this quilt for several months. Finally I started to cut the squares on Monday. It took me a week's time to finish this. The trim is time consuming to make so I'm thinking to buy some trims instead of making it myself. This will be a cover for my printer.

I am a novice in making quilt and square patchwork. Some squares are bigger while some are smaller, making the lines do not match. You can see that on the top right corner. Is there any technique to make sure the lines match with each other?


  1. It's great! I love the green :) I'm quite new to patchwork too, but some tips I've learned:
    try to cut your squares out accurately. I use a 1/4inch foot on my sewing machine to make the seams even. Ironing the seams on each row to opposite sides helps you to line the seams up nicely. This link explains it a bit :)
    Happy sewing!!

  2. I love this little mini quilt. The colour combination with the linen is beautiful.