Monday, August 15, 2011

Place Mat for a Sweet Colleague

I love borrowing books from the public library. Last week, I grabbed a book about patchwork from the library during lunch time. I showed the book to a colleague, who flipped through the pages and told me she loved the design of the place mat in it. I made reference to the design and made this place mat for my sweet colleague. I like the design of the leaf to hold the cutlery and thinking to make one for myself. 

To make work life better, I love buying lovely notebook and I got this one on Saturday. Do you know this brand? It's Pony Brown from Korea. There are many lovely stickers of Pony Brown, which I love looking at them on the internet. However, I have no use for stickers.

Last but not least, I can't help but to show you these two lovely lions. I went shopping with my sister on Sunday, hoping to buy shoes for work. Most shops are having final sale as summer is coming to an end. I chose a pair of Katie Judith shoes and the salesperson asked me to choose two more pairs so as to get an extra 60% off. I tried very hard but could not choose two other pairs, and then the salesperson told me to buy two little charms to get the extra 60% off. I did so and the whole bill was cheaper than buying just one pair of shoes! Do you think the lions are cute? They cost around US$17 without discount. Now I got a pair of shoes and these two lions at around US$48, which I think is a very very very good bargain!

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